GBCK –  German Business Council Kuwait

The GBCK was established in 2005 under the patronage of the German Ambassador in the State of Kuwait and with the great support of the Chamber of Commerce and all Government Authorities in Kuwait. Our particular thanks go to the Head of the Kuwaiti Chamber at the time, Mr. Ali  M.T. Al Ghanim, who has been instrumental in this matter.

The objective of the GBCK is representing companies and German speaking professionals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, providing them with a platform to communicate with fellow representatives, Kuwaiti Business Partners and professionals, as well as representatives from the Kuwaiti Private Sector. It aims to promote relationships and lively exchange of ideas and information about developments and needs in their sectors, industries or companies on either side, thus facilitating a flow of information about existing and emerging opportunities for trade and investment.

The contribution of our members allows us to address issues of wider concern to the German speaking communities in Kuwait, to foster cultural relationships and to present business ideas and companies, through the organization of monthly events as well as special events, for social and welfare related causes. We hope, that more German as well as Austrian and Swiss companies will be attracted to the Kuwaiti market and its increasing opportunities and that we can contribute and assist our Kuwaiti friends, wherever possible, in a dialogue with the German Business Community.

Our vision for the future is to grow and continue to participate and meet with other Business Councils. After our participation of the first and successful ‘Global Women Entrepreneurs Conference ‘ in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Gulf Group and the Swiss SME Council, we will continue our support to highlight the importance of the development of SME’s in the country, in line with one of the important chapters of the Kuwaiti Government.

We are also continuing our cooperation with the AHK German GCC Chamber of Commerce in Abu Dhabi and Advantage Austria, and our new Trade Committee, which has been very helpful in addressing needs and providing information and other support. By forming important alliances with establishments that share our vision, we are in a position to better address the needs of our members and fulfil our mission.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Ambassadors of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the members of the Board of the German Business Council, who do not spare any efforts and time to enhance and contribute to the planning and execution of our monthly meetings and events, their families for their support and patience and all our members and friends.

With best wishes

Hannelore Graf

German Business Council Kuwait





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