In accordance with Art.5 of the Articles of the German Business Council Kuwait


GBCK welcomes companies, their representatives and professionals from German speaking countries as well as executives from foreign and local companies with ties to the German-speaking region.

The yearly membership fee is based on an individual (KD 40) or corporate membership (KD 140 - up to four members), valid for the respective calendar year and is subject to approval by the Executive Board. As member and part of the General Assembly, you acquire one voting right. Sponsorship packages are available upon request and include prominent logo displays as well as a corporate membership. A membership with GBCK provides unique networking and business enhancing opportunities as well as up-to-date exchange of information

  • at monthly business events held at great locations including presentations and dinner at a rate of KD 6 only;
  • at  monthly gatherings called “Stammtisch” (pay by order);
  • by invitation at embassies, general gatherings like family days, Christmas Bazar, etc.;
  • voting right.



A membership with GBCK offers access to resources, support and the opportunity to participate in networking events in Kuwait. The Council continually partners with think-tanks and stakeholders throughout Kuwait. The Council is focused on providing high quality networking events that bring together key leaders and decision makers active in Kuwait. Invitations to events and conferences organized by GBCK and other business related events in Kuwait. Our premier event is our Business Forum held every month. Access to research and educational material provided by esteemed partners of GBCK. Timely and relevant information about business and regulatory developments in Kuwait. 





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